SCAR REMOVAL CREAM AND TATTOO REMOVAL CREAM ON SALE¬†Tattoo removal using a herbal Cream is a dramatic development and it’s now available here.Dr Michelle has invented the new easy method that can help you get rid of that tattoo without any pain. The cream agitates the pigment (colored ink) and allows it to flow out safely through the skin, says Dr Michelle.The Herbal Cream works on tattoos of all colors and on all skin colors without the risk of scarring implicit in other removal methods, she says trained. The cream eliminates the tattoo in 1 month.After 1 month, the skin forms a scab that has to be kept dry with any oil of your choice or Vaseline, Dr Michelle.The cream extracts around a third of tattoo ink each time, she says. The number of sessions required to erase a tattoo completely depends on the depth and density of the tattoo, and whether it has been previously lasered. Dr Michelle says she has had a 100% success rate with the method and believes it is much safer than laser.She says she has seen a case in which pigment from a lasered tattoo collected in a patient’s lymph glands under the arms, forming a lump that required surgical removal.To order contact Dr Michelle: WHATSAPP: +27717813089 or E-mail: