NATURAL KELOIDS SCAR REMOVAL CREAMKeloids are highly visible, exaggerated scarsthat are particularly common in darker skin. They can develop after surgery,after major skin trauma, or even after very minor skin damage like acne scars.Strangely, they may also develop even if there’s no obvious damage to the skinat all. They are shiny and hairless, feel hard and rubbery and usually occur onthe upper chest and shoulders – particularly over the breastbone – and on theearlobes. In people with dark skin they often occur in the beard area and onthe scalp.We are still not quite sure what causes thistype of scarring, but we do know the following:• Dark skinned people are more susceptible tokeloids than those with paler skin• Wounds that are under pressure or get infectedwhile healing are especially likely to develop into keloids as are burn andacne scars• Keloids are most likely to develop between theages of 10 and 30• They are not caught from anyone else• They carry no risk of cancer• The tendency to scar in this way can run infamilies• They can be caused by chickenpox, acne, minorscratches, surgical incisions, traumatic wounds, vaccination sites, burnsAlthough keloid scars are not dangerous, theycan be itchy and tender or even painful to touch. The emotional impact of thesescars, however, is often greater than the physical one as they can cause greatdistress, particularly in younger patients, and can seriously undermineself-confidence.The Treatment: doctor sarah’s natural treatment forKeloids, depending on the size of the scar. Smaller Keloids are removed quickly.The ResultsIn both cases the scar will flatten out andshould match the color of the surrounding skin, making it much less noticeable. Callor Whatsapp: